Nature’s Gifts

  • Artist
    Steve Tyerman
  • Dates
    10—26 Feb 2023
  • Catalogue
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Steve Tyerman paints the places with which he is most familiar – the landscapes surrounding his home in the  hinterland of the Gold Coast, as well as the coastal areas of SE Queensland and far northern NSW. Using rich impasto technique, his paintings are an attempt to create a synthesis of his visual sensations and lived experiences, and reflect the artist’s emotional responses to these places tempered by his keen interest in gardening, wildlife, literature and the natural world.

As a means of countering the ubiquity of the cropped and filtered digital image, Tyerman seeks to portray the perspective of viewing with ‘two eyes’ – looking up and down,  adjusting the focus to near and far, and peripheral vision. The human experience of the brain combining all our other senses, memories, expectations, fears, preferences, preconceived ideas and other thought processes to create every lived moment is what he hopes to render in his paintings.

“I’m interested in the passage of time through the landscape, the changing light conditions, the journey of water, the flora and fauna that are so crucial to the environment, the life cycle of plants, our human presence, symbiotic relationships and the connectedness of all these elements in a beautiful and complex ecosystem”.

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