Sally Browne – Special Release

  • Artist
    Sally Browne
  • Dates
    5 Oct—12 Nov 2023

Sally Browne is a painter of still life and the natural environment working predominantly in watercolour and oils. She grew up in the UK and travelled through SE Asia before eventually settling in Sydney. Her work is an exploration of the order and wildness, the human-made and natural that are woven together in Sydney’s Inner West. Her work evokes an ephemeral and emotional world as seen through the eyes of a migrant now at home in the unique Australian light. Sally’s practice is centred around drawing and has evolved from her formal studies of surface pattern design, painting, printmaking and graphic design.


Of the watercolours created for this special release she says : “Last February I attended a drawing residency in Hill End with the National Art School, these paintings are my response to the magical landscape there. Some of these works were painted on-site and others have been reconstructed from sketch book studies back in the studio. The Australian bush is chaotic; I will sit and look in one spot for hours sometimes before I can find a way in and make my first mark, I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolour to describe the feeling of being amongst it, there is an energy to watercolour paint that is wild and untamed, just like my subject. Dappled sunlight, bursts of native wild flower, swimming in the green waters of the Turon River, red ochre soil and silvery gum leaves dancing in the breeze, the sound of silence – Hill End was a sensory delight that filled my creative cup to the max, and these light, joyful works capture the essence of time spent in a special, uniquely Australian place.” – Sally Browne

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