Opening Night

  • Artist
    Andrea Huelin
  • Dates
    5 Jul—11 Aug 2024
  • Catalogue
    Download now

Opening Night is the first body of work created in Andrea Huelin‘s new Melbourne Studio, worlds away from the tropical climes of Cairns, where she previously based her practice. For an artist so attuned to the nuances of light, it feels entirely natural that this change of scenery can be felt in Huelin’s newest paintings.

In this exhibition, little ensembles of eclectic vessels, glassware and tchotchkes gleaned from inner-city op-shops appear awash with the ambient glow of vintage table lamps, set agains thick, velvety curtains in cloistered nighttime settings.

The result is a fabulous air of theatricality that’s reflected in this exhibitions title. Where we were once used to observing spiky tangles of tropical flora, the melodramatic nocturnes of Opening Night present elegant masses of gladioli, orchids and other blooms that the viewer might imagine being heaped on the thespian’s dressing table after a standing ovation.

This is Andrea Huelin’s first solo exhibition at Michael Reid Southern Highlands. For information on paintings available to acquire, please contact An exclusive preview catalogue can also be downloaded here.

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