Louise Anders – Special Release

  • Artist
    Louise Anders
  • Dates
    13 Jul—2 Aug 2023

Louise Anders is a representational artist trained in the classical method of painting and drawing.  Her art practice began in earnest in 2015 when she left her 10-year career as a scientist to pursue her ever-present passion for drawing and painting. She attended numerous workshops in Australia, before pursing full-time artistic training at the Grand Central Atelier in New York in 2016 and 2017 under the direction of Jacob Collins.  Louise and her family have recently moved back to her home town of Adelaide, Australia after more than 10 years away.  She has set up a studio in the Adelaide Hills where she is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, rose gardens, native flowers and fruit trees.  Louise has shown her art in numerous awards in Australia including being a finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize, Hans Heysen Landscape Prize, AME Bale Award  and Calleen Art Award to name a few.



Presently, Louise is drawn to painting fruit, flowers and leaves from the gardens that surround her.  She loves the continual cycle of nature, watching buds bloom, blossoms morph into fruit, leaves pale and fall.  She gathers her subjects by hand directly from her garden and the surrounding land.  Her drawings and paintings are all completed from life allowing her to observe, understand and interpret nature and light in all its complexity.  

After her successful showing at our Michael Reid Northern Beaches Gallery earlier this year, we are excited to give collectors another opportunity to acquire her highly sought after oil on board still lifes of apples & eucalyptus.

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REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: Louise Anders – Special Release