Postcards From The Museum

  • Artist
    Lauren Jones
  • Dates
    12 Oct—19 Nov 2023
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Lauren Jones is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast. Working primarily in oils, her still life scenes speak of moments captured in time. Lauren’s works, executed with immediate brushstrokes, are evocative and impressionistic. Her art showcases the materiality of paint and celebrates the process of painting through a delicacy and freshness rendered by the alla prima technique.

Born in 1989 in Queensland, Jones earned a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Literature) from the Sunshine Coast University in 2009, and in 2012 a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from Monash University.
Lauren has shown at Michael Reid Northern Beaches over the last 2 years with her last exhibition, ‘Papaver’ April 2023 being incredibly well received with our collectors. Currently Jones works from her home studio in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland. Her work is held in private collections across Australia.


“The paintings from ‘Postcards from the Museum’ are inspired by the late 19th century French artist Henri Fantin-Latour. I find myself drawn to 19th century European Still Life artists, mostly for their moody, atmospheric and textural flower paintings. Fantin-Latour’s work particularly stands out to me stylistically for being on the cusp of impressionism. I’m interested in the space between loose impressionism and realist tonal work. I like to see the workings and movement of the paint, but I’m also interested in capturing the light and trueness of shadow and tone.

This exhibition explores the idea of ‘inspiration’ and of artwork informing artwork. I love this hopeful notion of perpetually existing in the art world. Of new paintings being inspired by old paintings and the relationship of the modern and the old world.
As an art school student I was often in awe at the old masters paintings while wandering around gallery museums. Filled with inspiration, I would always visit the gift shop on my way out the gallery, wanting to take home some token to remind me of my experience and the paintings that moved and inspired me. A postcard of a painting, (the most affordable item) was a popular choice. This show explores that idea of an admired artist’s painting, printed on a postcard, purchased and kept as a reminder of the lived and experienced ‘inspiration’. A small token of an old master painter inspiring and influencing a new series of paintings in a contemporary era and in turn these new works perhaps informing another.” ~ Lauren Jones 2023

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