Georgia Pricone – Special Release

  • Artist
    Georgia Pricone
  • Dates
    5—16 Apr 2023
  • Catalogue
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Working from her studio space in Melbourne, Georgia Pricone explores and appreciates the beauty in our environment, which often goes unnoticed in our day to day life. Georgia graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University and is continually expanding and refining her knowledge of art through her practice. She is consistently drawing inspiration from her surroundings to devise works of nostalgia and intricacy.

For this Special Release and her first time showing with Michael Reid Southern Highlands, Georgia has produced 5 oil paintings on wooden panel depicting staged still life arrangements caressed by natural light.

Through her paintings, Georgia invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the natural world and the fragility of life. The organic components, with their ephemeral beauty, serve as a reminder of the fleeting nature of existence as they pair comfortably with their illuminated crystal vessels. The black background, rather than being ominous or foreboding, aims to create space and serenity, allowing the viewer to focus on the details of the natural components and glass companions. These Renaissance-esque paintings pair a collection of family heirlooms with homegrown botanicals; a theme which is recurring throughout Georgia’s practice.

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