• Artist
    Joanna Gambotto
  • Dates
    8 Jun—3 Jul 2022
  • Catalogue
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Dreamscapes collapse the barrier between the dreaming and waking realms, tapping into the world of unconstrained imagination. Each vignette has stitched together random, unrelated imagery, in a similar way our brain conjures up dreams and creates an alternative reality, which to a conscious, rational mind, wouldn’t make sense. Unusual juxtapositions of objects and images introduce an element of playfulness to the work and charge it with a whimsical narrative.

Joanna Gambotto completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the National Art School in Sydney in 2013. She’s been a finalist in numerous art competitions, most recent ones including: Paddington Art Prize 2021, Naked & Nude Art Prize 2021, Dobell Prize for Drawing 2021, Calleen Art Award 2020 and JADA 2020. She has been the winner of various art prizes including the Dobell Drawing Prize – Peoples’ Choice, the Hornsby Art Prize and the Northbridge Art Prize.

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