Core of my heart, my country

  • Artist
    Julz Beresford
  • Dates
    2 Nov—4 Dec 2022
  • Catalogue
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Julz Beresford’s latest exhibition, Core of my heart, my country is a celebration of nature’s immense beauty and the artist’s love of the great Australian outdoors. Travelling to remote locations around the country, the artist does not seek out grand vistas but, rather, seeks to unearth the soul of the landscape she is exploring. Beresford feels a great sense of gratitude to the land and, in turn, offers her heart completely to her craft.

Beresford paints alla prima, layering her energetic matrix of marks. Her confident and irregular strokes—when viewed at a distance—establish life, and tonal gradation is deftly articulated in her viscous application of paint. Through the artist’s hand, perspective is realised by multiple touches of tone and brush. Beresford invites us into her landscapes, allowing the viewer to experience her polyphony of colour, faithful to a rich Australian palette.

-Nicole Hauser

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