Autumn Fruit and Flowers

  • Artist
    Louise Anders
  • Dates
    1—27 Jul 2024

Titled “Autumn Fruit and Foliage,” this small offering of six perfectly composed, beautifully resolved still-life paintings marks Louise Anders’ first new release at the gallery in over a year. This collection follows her shortlisting in the prestigious 2023 Lester Art Prize.

Trained in classical painting and drawing methods, Louise’s artistic journey began in 2015 when she left a decade-long career as a scientist to pursue her passion for art. She later completed her studies at the Grand Central Atelier in New York under Jacob Collins. Collins’ style of classical realism—which enshrines the representational mode of Dutch (and broadly Northern European) vanitas—clearly influences her work.

Like Collins, Anders asserts the continuing value of traditional painterly precepts: close and direct observation of her subject, fidelity to the way things truly appear, and an almost scholarly focus on training and technique.

Having returned to her hometown of Adelaide, where she established a studio in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Anders draws inspiration from her local environment and close observations of nature’s cyclical rhythms.

Observing buds bloom, blossoms transforming into fruit, and leaves fade and fall, she gathers these elements from her garden, capturing them from life and deftly rendering the intricate beauty of nature through a graceful interplay of light and shadows.

Works from “Autumn Fruit and Foliage” by Louise Anders are now available to acquire

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