Grace Butterfield

Grace Butterfield is an artist with a background in interior design and fashion, which has contributed to her appreciation for well-crafted objects and inspired her artistic style. She values attention to detail, timelessness, and coherence in her work, qualities that are highly regarded in both fashion and interior design. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Griffith University QCA, with a major in Studio Art, Grace has been recognized for her academic excellence, receiving an award for her studies in 2021. Her talent and dedication have also been acknowledged through her participation in several exhibitions. In the same year, Grace was selected to be part of the Salon de Refuse, which ran alongside the Brisbane Portrait Prize. In 2022, she was a finalist in the Lethbridge 2000 Small Scale Art Award.

Grace’s preferred medium is traditional oil painting, through which she seeks to showcase the beauty of simple things. She believes that the richness of an oil painting can help the viewer to appreciate the object or image depicted in the artwork.  Through her paintings, Grace aims to encourage viewers to take a moment to appreciate the little things in life, to find the infinite shades, textures, and memories that can be found in even the most mundane of objects.

Grace’s second solo exhibition with Michael Reid galleries opens here in Berrima Thursday 11 January 2024.

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